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Sports Dentistry

Protecting Smiles in Lakewood, OH

Sports are popular, fun ways to stay healthy and active. However, the nature of sports can leave your teeth susceptible to injury; a dentist trained in sports-based dental care can help you overcome these dangers. Dr. Jeffrey W. Laubmeier provides sports dentistry in Lakewood and the surrounding communities.

What Is Sports Dentistry?

Many of the sports that we are fond of—football, baseball, basketball, and so on—require running around and, sometimes, running into other people. When contact with other people, equipment, or the ground is a regular hazard in a sport you or your children play, damage to the teeth becomes strong risk.

Sports dentistry is a combination of procedures that involve restoring and protecting the smiles of athletes. Our dentist in Lakewood is well-versed in the issues surrounding physical activity and oral health, having completed continuing education courses and a symposium on this particular kind of dental care. Dr. Laubmeier also has the training needed to properly perform the various procedures that compose sports-based dental care.

Mouth Guards

Children and adults who play sports can easily protect their smile by using an athletic mouth guard. These devices snugly fit over teeth and prevent chips, cracks, and fractures to them. Cheek lesions, jaw bone fracture, and gum injuries are also less likely to occur when wearing a mouth guard.

There are one-size-fits-all mouth guards that can be purchased at the store, but Dr. Jeffrey W. Laubmeier can provide a customized fitting device. When you visit our practice, Dr. Laubmeier places an impression material onto you or your child’s smile. The mouth guard is created to fit over this mold, creating an exact match for your smile. Once the mouth guard has been made, we ensure it fits comfortably.

Dental Emergencies

Even with the help of a mouth guard, dental injuries can occur. Dr. Laubmeier provides emergency treatments to treat dental health issues resulting from a sports injury.

Cracked and chipped teeth can cause pain while chewing and leave the tooth more susceptible to decay. A filling or crown can be used to seal the crack, depending upon its size, and a root canal could be necessary if decay has reached the inside of the tooth.

A knocked-out tooth can be saved, if replanted in time. Dr. Laubmeier can replant and splint the tooth to give it the best opportunity for healing back into place.

Contact Us for Sports-Based Dental Care

Dr. Jeffrey W. Laubmeier provides sports dentistry to adults and children in Lakewood. For more information about how we can help protect your smile, call us at our Lakewood OH dental practice today and schedule your family’s next dental appointment